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About the series:
Childhood joy is a bold statement reaching out to all children, teens, young adults, and adults of all ages in need of healing and confirmation that their feelings are valid.  Acknowledgment is the first step to healing. Narccisitic parents are not talked about as much as spousal narc abuse and the topic needs more attention. It is implemented in  a majority of cultures to respect your elders , especially your parents. "They are just trying their best", "they are doing this out of love" are used if you have anything to critique, even addressing abuse.  In reality, Narcissistic parents want to ensure their child keeps the mentality that they will never be good enough, and the narc will go to any length to ensure it. This abuse does not magically stop when the child is grown up either it just gets worse. While physical abuse can occur by a narc, their specialty is emotional and verbal abuse. no scars or bruises = no proof. Proving you are being abused is one thing, but being made to think the abuse is your own fault is on a whole other level. 

Overall, I want this project to be informative and maybe this will help you discover if your parent(s) are narcs, or you are already aware.

I am by no means an expert on this topic, nor am I fully healed from my own past HOWEVER I would love for you to tag along on this journey of healing and research. I will be sharing what I know about the topic of parental narcissism backed up by research. Ultimately, I want you to understand what narcissism is; how it plays out in the family dynamic, and what you can do in response, weather that means go no contact or use techniques to cope until you can leave. I am aware that minors cannot just get up and leave so ultimately, I would like this series to remind you are not alone, you are not the problem, and you are always enough. Once you know you are enough, you start acting like it.

'Childhood Joy'

An art series exploring parental narcissistic abuse and how  it effects children well into their adulthood. 

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